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What is it

The Leanbody Lifestyle Guides contain all the information you’ll ever need to reinvent your body shape. Inside you’ll find easy to follow steps that will help you to get in shape, and stay in shape, year round. With guides specifically designed for both men and women, you’ll be getting the best advice possible to reach your goal.

This isn’t just a list of workouts, though there are plenty of those, along with advice on how to come up with your own variations. The Leanbody Lifestyle Guides will help you with portion control, advice on essential macronutrients, a selection of ready made, easy to cook recipes and tips on creating your own tasty meals. The Leanbody Lifestyle Guide is everything you’ll ever need for a fitter, healthier and more confident you.


Leanbody Lifestyle Guide

The Ladies Leanbody Lifestyle Guide is made specifically for women to target fat loss. This easy to follow guide will help you get that slim, healthy, toned and great looking shape you want. The main aim of the guide is to make getting the body you want as simple and as enjoyable as possible. 

With food guidelines and recipes tailored just for women, we will teach you how to eat for your body type and give you specific workouts to target those problem areas. There’s no restriction to certain foods or endless hours in the gym, making it a fun plan you’ll want to stick to, the end result…you see fast progress (by following the Leanbody Lifestyle Guide you’ll see amazing results in 12 weeks or less)

  • Nutritional program just for women 

  • 3 separate training styles

  • Workouts to target problem areas

  • Resistance and cardio workouts

  • Full lifestyle guide

  • Everything you’ll ever need


Leanbody Lifestyle Guide

The Mens Leanbody Lifestyle Guide contains everything you need to lose fat, build powerful, toned muscle and keep you in shape all year round; including specific strength workouts to target all your muscle groups. 

The food guidelines and recipes allow you to eat the right way for your body type. You don’t have to avoid certain foods or spend endless hours in the gym but in 12 weeks or less you can have a leaner, stronger and healthier you. We also show you how you can eat off plan and still stay on course to getting the body you want.

  • Nutritional program designed for men

  • 3 separate training styles
  • Workouts to lose fat and build muscle

  • Exercise to target all muscle groups

  • Full lifestyle guide
  • Everything you’ll ever need

How it Works

Your LBL Guide

You will receive an email instantly after joining containing a link to download your Leanbody lifestyle Guide. You can start whenever you’re ready.

What to expect

Your LBL guide is broken into 3 phases, each lasting 30 days. Your guide will explain how to track your progress and making changes when required.

Your Progress

Each phase is built off the progress you have made from the last to ensure continuous results. The guides, if adhered to will reinvent your body shape and educate you and what works for you.

Your Results

Your LBL guide is guaranteed to give you the results you want.  It is all you need to create your own leanbody lifestyle, and teaches you how to build and create your own leanbody meals, recipes and workouts

Leanbody Lifestylers

Checkout the latest leanbody lifestylers who are transforming their lives as well as their bodies. We love to see the positive impact the leanbody lifestyle guides are having on people all over the world.

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Incredible LBL Results using the Mens Leanbody Lifestyle Program
TRANSFORMATION - 8 January 2018
Superb progress from this Leanbody Lifestyler
TRANSFORMATION - 29 December 2017
Confidence at an all time high!!

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