21 August 2016 , Posted by Jay Geraghty

When it comes to getting lean and toned, there are a few basics that are a must. After that it’s all about how you can make the smallest tweaks to have the biggest impact… These are what I like to call hacks and are backed, tried and tested and proven by science. So here goes….

The fundamentals: I just want to make clear that you could try every nutrition hack known to man and you’d still be fighting a losing battle if you don’t master the basics. Without the basics, you’re just guessing!

So, those two fundamentals are…. ‘a calorie deficit’ and ‘consistency’. Easy enough right? We’ll, most people trying to get in to shape don’t know how much is going in, and are not consistently keeping themselves in a moderate calorie deficit. 99% of people struggle and fall down with the basics, so if you crack them two, you’re winning and then it’s all about how to speed fat loss up.

All of these hacks are proven over and over by research and testing. Everyone struggles to believe that the simplest of things can have the biggest impact, that’s why I always say master the basics and you’ll win… Fat loss will happen if the fundamentals are adhered to, but at a moderate pace. But everyone loves speed when trying to hit their goals, so here they are,

The Hacks:

So you know your calorie start point, you’re set to go, fully determined, add these 5 hacks and I can 100% guarantee you’ll be lean in 2016 in no time

Intermittent fast or IF as I call it, is the single best nutrition hack there is, hands down. IF isn’t eating any less than you would be, it’s starting to eat later in the day or within a timed eating window. For example, say you train in the evening and you wake up at 8am every morning, all you have to do is start eating 4-6hrs after you wake only consuming water or black coffee (with sweetener) in that time, then eat your meals and snacks for the day. Not only will IF increase every big playing fat loss hormone in your body, it will increase cell repair, increase disease prevention and a whole host of other health benefit’s.

Calorie cycling is simply providing your body with the energy it needs when it needs it and less when it doesn’t.

You do this by providing a slightly higher calorie, protein, carbohydrates and lower fat intake on days you workout. Then, on days you’re resting, you feed the body slightly fewer calories, but provide it with high quality proteins and higher healthy fats, but lower in carbohydrates. What this will do is ensure metabolic flexibility, so your body can utilise the right energy sources when your output is high and when it is low.

When you workout your muscle become much more responsive to the food you eat, especially carbs, and sends a signal to the brain which tells the body to take carbs (sugars) out of the blood and deposit it into the muscle. After a Workout your muscles can take in more carbohydrates. This is important because if you can use a higher portion of the carbohydrates you eat, then fewer carbs will enter fat tissue and become unwanted fat storage.

4. CAFFEINE (Drink Coffee)

Caffeine is one of the worlds best supplements. Tried, tested and stood the test of time when it comes to proving it’s ability to aid in fat loss. Caffeine can help you burn more fat during exercise because it increases the hormones that trigger fat loss. It is a superb appetite suppressant and will boost your metabolism plus much more. It’s one hell of a compound.

Simple, drink water and keep yourselves hydrated.

When the body becomes dehydrated, the kidneys can’t function optimally and the liver takes some of the load. The liver is so important for fat loss, as it’s responsible for oxidising (burning) fat, so we need to keep it working at full speed. If we become dehydrated, the liver which would normally be burning fat, starts to struggle as its picking up the slack from the kidney’s and won’t be running efficiently.

So, when it comes to fat loss, water and staying hydrated is a must. It aids our metabolism and keeps our bodies fat burning machinery running at full pelt, day in day out, and our bodies ability to burn fat is much much higher.

So there they are, the 5 most effective, simplest and easy to implement hacks there is out there. Whether you want to add one or two or implement all 5, it’s simple. Give them a go.


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