3 February 2018 , Posted by Jay Geraghty

Week 4

So, week 4 started of quite well. Wen’t to the gym Saturday morning as per (last week I’d been stalking some Insta Yoga style stretch experts) but thought i’d give my body a good stretch before I jumped on the Watt Bike. I had all my saved instagram videos saved in a Yoga Folder I’d created and started to blast through them. I was bending and twisting my body all over the place and thought not bad for a 35 year old. Finished my stretch routine and jumped on the bike and away I went smashing out a 15 minute HIIT session.

I felt great all Saturday, wide a wake, bundle of energy and crack on with the day.

SUNDAY….. Owww ya bastard, woke up with the sharpest pain shooting through my chest, felt like I was being stabbed with a bloody knitting needle. All the years I have been working out with heavy weights, I’d never injured myself, 1 bendy stretch session and I pulled my pec muscles at the point they attached to my sternum (so the doctor said on Monday). So, this whole week, I have had to avoid any upper body exercise (makes me so sad) but I could train my lower body (makes me so mad). I cant train any upper body for 2 weeks, so 1 week down, and 1 more to go.

Food again has been on point this week and still delicious. Had a cheeky tub of that OPPO Ice Cream that everyone is raving about, salted caramel is to die for and only 350 calories, winner!

Last weeks Weight: 162lbs

New Weight: 161.6lbs

Current Calorie Intake: 2300

Calorie Changes: Not going to change my calorie intake, as i’d put a vote out on Instagram and pretty much everyone said increase my output (thank god. I love my food).

Mood: Other than feeling a little down after being told I couldn’t train upper body, I bounced straight back after a day or so and got my head back in the game.

Weight Training: 3 Days a week

Cardio: 1

Goal for new week: Man up 🙂