10 February 2018 , Posted by Jay Geraghty

Week 5

So after last week only losing 0.4lbs, it was time to make my first change. To get things moving again, I dropped 80 calories per day out of my diet and added 2 15 minute cardio sessions and low and behold, I was down 2lb this morning :-). Pretty simple aye..

The funny thing is, is I did a poll on Instagram today, that 211 people voted on asking if they thought fat loss was that simple, that manipulating my calories was the difference and the results are below


I’m honestly gutted and shocked that people really don’t believe it’s that simple, because it is :-(. It’s frustrating that there is so much nonsense out there, it’s led people to believe that losing weight is more complicated than it actually is. People turn there nose up at counting calories and think it’s a bad habit, but some of the biggest health companies have you counting macro’s, carbs, syns, points and so on.

When weight loss slows down or stops, I promise you it’s only ever 1 of 2 things –

1. You’ve not been eating less than your body burns over a 7 day period
2. You’re eating at your maintenance level.

That is all it ever is and all you need to do is make a small calorie reduction or do a little more exercise on top of what you already maybe doing and stay consistent with that change, not just for a day or 2 but consistently. Do that for 7 days and I bet you it works!

Calorie counting has so much negative connotations but it’s exactly the same principle as those companies have you do, not counting calories, but having you count something. I can 100% GUARANTEE you that if you count your calories for 2 weeks you would see faster results which are easier to change when you know exactly what you’re eating.

Anyone reading this post, if you email me at jay@thephysiquegeek.com with your Age, Height, weight and if you workout (how many times per week) I will send you the exactly calories you should be eating to lose weight + if you want to trial not counting calories, but letting me do it for you to trial it, by tailoring recipes and ingredients for you and you can build your own meals, let me know. You can use it for 2-4 weeks, but you have to stick to it and I can guarantee you you’ll be shocked.

Any way, I was down 2lbs this week, food was on track and was delicious. The food I removed was only a little oil which was unnoticeable in the volume of my actual food, so all good. My injury seems to have got better but I’m resting training any pushing exercises for another week, so all legs and pull exercises :-).

Last weeks Weight: 161.6

New Weight: 159.6lbs

Current Calorie Intake: 2220

Calorie Changes: Dropped 80 calories (Olive oil)

Mood: Feet amazing all week. Full of energy and super positive about everything.

Weight Training: 3 Days a week

Cardio: 4 (as i’m now adding in 3 extra days (15 mins), but it’s more than enough to get things ticking again)

Goal for new week: Help at least 1 person learn how simple it is to get in shape and hoping they share that knowledge with someone.

Progress Pic – End of week 5