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18 September 2016 , Posted by Jay Geraghty

How to use Coffee when Intermittent Fasting / SMT Program

The reality is… Black coffee is one of the healthiest beverages on the planet. The research is 100% clear on this! The option is there to use intermittent fasting on my 90Day SMT Program, and explains how to use black coffee strategically to make intermittent fasting downright effortless. The key to getting the most out […]


24 May 2016 , Posted by Jay Geraghty

SMT Program Intermittent Fasting Guide / SMT Program

What is Intermittent Fasting Intermittent fasting isn’t eating less food, all Intermittent Fasting is, is eating in a timed window. This is then followed by a fasting period. Everyone fasts already when they sleep. Say you go to bed at 11pm and get up at 8am, you’ve fasted for 9hrs.


24 August 2016 , Posted by Jay Geraghty

SMT Programs Top 5 Healthy Protein Desserts to Make and Bake with Whey / SMT Program

Whey protein is highly versatile cooking ingredient. We all know that excitement when we get that new protein order delivered, that rush to tear it open and make a shake. Well it doesn’t end there with whey. The following dessert recipes are all on the SMT Program an tailored to each individual. All you need […]


21 August 2016 , Posted by Jay Geraghty

The 5 Best Nutrition Hacks to get Lean and Toned fast / SMT Program

When it comes to getting lean and toned, there are a few basics that are a must. After that it’s all about how you can make the smallest tweaks to have the biggest impact… These are what I like to call hacks and are backed, tried and tested and proven by science. So here goes….