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  • 47 KGS AFTER
  • 8 WEEKS

Cindy – PHASE 2

Bristol, UK

I’ve always been slim and I decided to start the 12 weeks plan with Jay aiming to define my figure and become more actively healthy. I’m about ten weeks in to the programme and what I have achieved so far is far more than this. Jay’s diet plan definitely made me feel more physically able and sufficient, it has also helped a lot with my day to day mentality (“Nothing to it but to do it”). As for the diet it’s itself I have found it to be easy to follow, it changed every few weeks, I found this very useful because I didn’t have to learn loads of different meals for all times of the day every day which was great! After a day or two I didn’t need to refer to my notes for the measurements because they were already logged in my head through repetition, repetition is what ultimately made the whole thing possible for me because of my busy schedule, which is why it shouldn’t put anyone off for trying because if I can fit it in anyone can!

For the first 8 weeks, Jay’s home workouts were very useful and very effective (great way to ease in to the new life style.) I started noticing subtle changes within a week! I decided to start the gym two weeks ago with Jay’s plan. I’m gaining muscles on my arms and legs already! I’m contemplating continuing the programme with Jay after the 12 weeks are up. I’m improving daily and I know I need to keep giving my full commitment to the programme. He has full faith in me which gives me motivation, he has also offered his full support whenever I have required his assistants.

  • 51 KGS AFTER
  • 6 WEEKS


Manchester, UK

Wow.. What a journey! I came to Jay wanting to really tone up for an upcoming holiday, I was by no means out of shape but I wanted to challenge myself and really achieve that toned look!
Being an extremely fussy eater, I wondered if I would be a lost cause.. But from the beginning Jay took absolutely everything into account to put together an amazing and tasty plan that really catered to my unusually fussy ways!
For me, the best part of the plan is the training. Not so long ago I’d barely stepped foot in a gym.. And now I walk in there full of confidence and enjoying it all, pushing myself each session, it’s the most rewarding feeling.. And gets highly addictive!
My confidence not only in the gym but out of it, has soared. Having a goal and so much support around me has given me an amazingly positive outlook on everything.
The plan isn’t just a physical change, it will transform the way you feel inside and out!
Jay has taught me (amongst lots of other things) that losing weight is a mathematical certainty when nutrition is calculated alongside the right amount of exercise, all you need after that is commitment and motivation! It’s been a massive education 🙂

  • 78 KGS AFTER
  • 12 WEEKS


Manchester, UK

After seeing lots of photos of friends toning up and going on holiday I decided to set myself a goal which was to get into shape before I went on holiday for my 30th birthday. I was lucky that I happened to be speaking to jay about getting in shape and he said he can help me and set me a plan which can get me trim and looking good in just 12 weeks. I thought it would be impossible, But when I got my nutrition plan and work out plan and with lots of motivation and weekly personal training sessions, I slowly saw the lbs dropping off and I lost almost 2 stones in 12 weeks just by sticking to the correct food and exercises.

Jay has been big inspiration to me over the past three months and I would defiantly recommend him and Kate to anyone. It takes dedication and hard work and these guys defiantly helped to keep me focused and to keep me in line to achieve my goals
Thanks you two jay and Kate
One love

  • 69 KGS AFTER
  • 8 WEEKS

Jack – PHASE 2

Manchester, UK

Working with Jay was exciting, enjoyable and rewarding. His drive and energy is almost addictive. I wanted to find somebody who was easy to get on with and someone that could cater a fitness and nutritional plan for my goals. Jay took the time to understand my aims, likes and dislikes and created a challenging and intense workout plan along with a flexible diet plan which worked perfectly for me. I never felt hungry or bored of the meals and made it to virtually all of my sessions. The scales don’t lie so make sure you do that cardio! He explained the theory and reasons behind every decision he made and I happily followed his instructions (well 90% of them). Jay has a real passion for fitness and is someone who is happy to share all the extensive theory he has which made each session I had really interesting. I was learning, getting toned and losing weight. My nutritional knowledge has increased ten fold and I now feel like I have a great set of theories to abide by to maintain or change my body. Most importantly I now have a new friend to go for a beer with… Ok a protein shake then! Thanks for all your hard work.